FLP - Future Life Progression

Have you ever felt stuck or wondered what is your life purpose?

Am I on my right path?  Which property should I buy?  Will I find love?  What will I be doing in 5-10 years time?  Where will I be in 1000 years from now?

Why not try a specially designed, relaxing meditation session with Anita, where you are in total control, to find out your different life options and really 'see/have an impression of' yourself in the future?  You can choose which area of your life you would like to explore, and visit different options, bringing back all those positive sensations of your chosen path, of success, love, health and happiness, to help start your manifestation process NOW!  The benefits will help you to have a 'knowing' of what your future options are so you can save time and make the right choices instantly!

Anita is an Advanced FLP Practitioner based in Surrey.

£50.00 for a 1 hour session

To book in person or on Skype, please contact: info@healingwithanita.com

'I really enjoyed my session with Anita. This way of working was all new for me and I found it very positive. I liked the opportunity to have a look at a possible future because it has made me feel a sense of peace. Anita started with explaining very clearly what was going to happen and then Anita's voice guided me to a place five years from now and ten years from now and since her voice was very soothing I could relax and let the images flow. After the experience Anita helped me to remember what I had seen by sharing the words I had said during the session and which she had written down. I can highly recommend this to anyone who would like to have a look into their future and who knows we are powerful co-creators of our life.'  Cecilia, Sweden

"What if your heart's desire is the ultimate intention and purpose for your life? Would you like to be reassured that the vision you have for your life is in alignment with your soul? Anita's Future Life Progression visualisation session is a beautiful way to discover just that. Her gentle voice takes you on a journey into yourself and delicately reveals the deepest dreams and desires of your heart.  I came away from Anita's session with a deep sense of purpose and reassurance that the path I am travelling is the one I'm meant to be on. I recommend it if you are at a crossroads in your life, if there's some decision you need to make or if you want some confirmation that you're on the right path but your thinking mind is talking too loudly for you to hear the voice of your heart.  Thanks again for a beautiful session".  Vanessa, Surrey

"Today has been a very new experience for me. Never have I taken part in any sort of meditation remotely. Anita has been very patient & understanding & guided me through this every step of the way. From making the connection via Skype to the end of the session.
She has a very caring, nurturing voice & the meditation was so enjoyable I was not convinced I needed it to end. I felt safe, secure & cared for throughout & got a very significant visualisation to enlighten me on my journey. The big shock for me was that we had spent so much time on the lovely journey yet it felt like five minutes.  Anyway, thank you Anita - I would highly recommend this meditation."  Lizzie, Berkshire

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